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An event that's sure to float your boat: the raft race sails back to Withernsea

5 July 2023 2 minute read

Hold on to your life jackets... because we have some exciting news! This year, the much-anticipated raft race is making a triumphant return to Withernsea for the inaugural Blue Light Weekend! There's no doubt that this invitational team-based challenge will be as entertaining to watch as it is to participate in. If you're new to the raft race or need a memory jog, here's a sneak peek of what to expect.

Setting sail

Teams will put their creative and engineering skills to the test by building their own rafts, which will then compete against each other in a thrilling race across the sea, right opposite the lifeboat station. Though the race is invitation-only, it will be a spectacle that everyone can enjoy.

A showcase of creativity and craftsmanship

The raft race – sponsored by Medcalf Builders Ltd, and kindly supported by safety boat Harry B and Hornsea Inshore Rescue – promises to be a celebration of imagination, resourcefulness and teamwork. Be prepared to marvel at the wide variety of homemade vessels, each one a testament to the creativity of its builders.

Team spirit and determination

You'll witness the heart and soul each team pours into paddling their hand-built rafts, battling the waves and the competition. The dedication and camaraderie on display are sure to inspire and entertain.

A splash of fun for all

While it's a hoot for the participants, the raft race will also be a blast for the spectators. Expect laughter, cheers and maybe even a few friendly splashes as you enjoy the thrilling contest from the shore.

A chance to learn and be inspired

Watching the various designs and strategies employed by the teams can be a great learning experience, especially for budding builders and engineers. Who knows, you might even be inspired to build your own raft for future races!

So, mark your calendars for noon on Saturday, August 12, for the fun-filled raft race at this year's Blue Light Weekend. Whether you're a participant battling the waves or a spectator cheering from the shore, this exciting event promises a boatload of entertainment and memorable moments.

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