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Reach for the skies: win a flight in a Tiger Moth!

June 18, 2023 2 minute read

As part of Withernsea's first-ever Blue Light Weekend this August, we're offering you a chance to experience the thrill of flying in a Tiger Moth aircraft through our exciting online raffle.

A once-in-a-lifetime experience

The Tiger Moth flight is not just a ride; it's an adventure back in time. This vintage biplane, with its open cockpit and classic design, was once a training aircraft for Second World War pilots. Now, it offers a unique flying experience that combines the charm of aviation history with stunning aerial views.

How to enter

Entering the raffle is easy! Head over to our fundraising portal site for your chance to win this unforgettable flight. What's more, this isn't just about potentially winning a prize – your participation will support our event and help us make it the very best it can be. Tickets are only £2.50 each, you can buy as many as you like, and the winner will be announced online on Sunday, August 13, at 9pm, during the Blue Light Weekend Bash music event.

Stunning aerial views

The prize is a 30-minute flight in a Tiger Moth aircraft, at a mutually convenient time (the organisers, based at Breighton, just to the south of York, fly weekdays and weekends).

Typically half an hour is enough time for a trip around the region and a chance to take control on the way back. It may even be possible to fly over the winner's house instead, if you fancy that!

Soaring above East Yorkshire in the Tiger Moth, you'll see our beautiful region from a whole new perspective. The open cockpit provides an unrestricted view of the landscape below, which will be a sight to behold.

A story to tell

The lucky winner will have a unique story to share with friends and family – plus, of course, the bragging rights of having flown in a classic piece of aviation history!

So, why wait? Take a chance, join our online raffle, and you might just find yourself securing a seat in a classic Tiger Moth. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast, a history buff, or someone looking for a unique adventure, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. Best of luck!

Thanks to the Tiger Moth Academy for donating this fantastic prize!

Note: there are age, height and size restrictions to take part in this flight. For full information and terms and conditions, visit our new Blue Light Weekend fundraising portal

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