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Read all about it: the Holderness Gazette's vital contribution to the Blue Light Weekend

6th August 2023 - 2 minute read

This summer's Blue Light Weekend in Withernsea is promising to be a festival to remember, and among the sponsors helping us make it all happen is the Holderness & Hornsea Gazette.

The Gazette – which was established in Withernsea more than a century ago, in 1910 – has long been recognised for its outstanding commitment to the community. It's a source of reliable news, insightful features and engaging stories that put local people first. But its role extends far beyond being a mere conduit of information – the paper is an ardent supporter of local initiatives that foster community spirit.

This year, the Gazette has thrown its support behind the first-ever Blue Light Weekend, which is set to take place over the weekend of August 12-13. It has kindly sponsored one of the Colour Run powder stations, which participants will reach as they make their way along the sands and become gradually covered in in a rainbow of hues.

In recent weeks, the Gazette has been one of the Blue Light Weekend's biggest champions, with the team working tirelessly to promote the event through a series of weekly news stories and in-depth features, making sure the community knows all about what's set to happen.

They will be manning a stall across both days of the event, giving away limited-edition tote bags and pens, plus the latest newspapers, local information, tickets for the Blue Light Bands gig and Tiger Moth raffle, and more. So do stop by and have a chat with the team – they'd love to meet you!

So, let's take a moment to appreciate the role that the Holderness & Hornsea Gazette plays in our community. Its impact extends far beyond the printed word, contributing hugely to the fabric of local life.

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