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Ready, Set, Runaround: the classic TV game comes to Blue Light Weekend

10 August 2023 - 2 minute read

We're buzzing with excitement to announce the return of a firm family favourite at this year's Blue Light Weekend – we're recreating all the fun of the classic 1970s-80s TV show Runaround!

This energetic game, beloved by generations, is all set to add a dash of nostalgic fun and a lot of laughter to our event. If you're wondering what Runaround is all about or need a refresher, here's a quick guide to the game.

Getting into the groove

Runaround was a children's TV game show that ran between 1975 and 1981, originally hosted by comedian Mike Reid (pictured above). The premise is simple – and it's as fun to watch as it is to play. Contestants are asked a multiple-choice question and then have to "run around" to different areas representing the answers. Once everyone has chosen an area, the correct answer is revealed. Those who've chosen incorrectly are eliminated, while the rest dash off to the next round. The last one standing is crowned the winner!

A blast from the past for all ages

Runaround is a game that effortlessly bridges the generation gap. Its simple rules and dynamic nature make it a hit with both the young and the young-at-heart. It's an excellent chance for families to bond over a shared activity and create some priceless memories.

Test your wits and speed

Runaround is not just about physical speed, but also quick thinking. You'll have a blast making split-second decisions, racing to your chosen answers, and eagerly waiting for the reveal. It's a fun and lively way to combine exercise and mental agility.

Laughter guaranteed

Runaround is all about fun, and you can expect plenty of laughter. Whether it's the thrill of the chase, the suspense of the answer reveal, or the friendly banter among participants, you're sure to have a good chuckle.

Friendly competition and camaraderie

Runaround encourages good-natured rivalry. Challenge your friends, family or even yourself, all in the spirit of fun. Remember, the main goal is to enjoy the game and the sense of camaraderie it brings.

So, are you ready to jump into the fun and frolic of Runaround? Whether you remember the show first time around or are only just discovering it, we promise a rollicking good time. Lace up your shoes, sharpen your wits, and prepare for a whirlwind of laughter and excitement at Blue Light Weekend.

Children's Runaround Saturday 12 August 10am - 11am

Adults' Runaround Saturday 12 August 11am - 12 noon

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