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Soaring high and free: the Royal Navy Raiders descend on Withernsea

9 July 2023 - 2 minute read

Prepare for an exhilarating aerial display at Withernsea's first-ever Blue Light Weekend as the Royal Navy Raiders parachute team drop in on the town.

Above an expectant crowd on the sea front, the Raiders will prepare to take flight on the afternoon of Sunday, August 13.

The team will perform a series of impressive aerial manoeuvres, showcasing their agility and expertise. Colourful smoke will leave vibrant trails across the sky, adding to the visual spectacle, with all the action described by live crowd-engaging commentary.

Approaching the ground, the team's flawless coordination becomes evident. They skilfully glide towards their landing spot, earning cheers and applause from the captivated audience.

The Raiders' performance reflects their bravery, skill and dedication, and it exemplifies the core values of the Royal Navy – discipline, precision and teamwork.

Established in 1983, the renowned team is composed of skilled parachutists hailing from across the Surface Fleet, Submarine Service, Royal Marines and Fleet Air Arm. Representing a wide range of ranks and rates, the team boasts members from able seaman to lieutenant commander, offering a diverse and talented group.

Their busy season, typically spanning from May to September, sees them performing captivating displays at various events such as airshows, sports fixtures, family days and regattas. Notably, they even made an appearance on BBC's Top Gear in 2011. Their display venues are as varied as their skills, ranging from central London and Beachy Head to the ExCeL Centre's Royal Victoria Dock, beaches, sports stadia, Stonehenge and military bases.

It's worth highlighting that all team members are volunteers, dedicating their time and effort alongside their regular full-time jobs for these display duties. Each April, they undergo selection or re-qualification at a training camp, ensuring their skills remain current. Remarkably, their commitment allows them to promote the Royal Navy at an impressively minimal cost to the taxpayer.

At the Blue Light Weekend, you'll have the opportunity to see these exceptional individuals up close and gain an insight into their training and day-to-day lives in the Navy.

So, mark your calendars and head to Withernsea this August to witness the Royal Navy Raiders' awe-inspiring and unforgettable display.

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