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Timeless elegance: the Tiger Moth takes to the skies at the Blue Light Weekend

4th August 2023 / 2 minute read

We're delighted to announce that distinguished aviator Nick Lee will be gracing our event with a captivating flying display featuring a 1939 Tiger Moth biplane. Look up into the Withernsea skies on Sunday 13th August as part of the Blue Light Weekend.

Introducing Nick Lee: the classic aviator

Nick Lee is a seasoned airline pilot with a passion for aviation history. Nick, 66, has been flying since he was 19, when he joined the RAF. Having trained on the Jet Provost, Gnat and Hunter, he then went on to operational tours on the Nimrod and as a flying instructor on the Jet Provost. He flew from Ascension Island during the Falklands War in 1982.

On leaving the RAF in 1989 he joined Cathay Pacific Airways and was based in Hong Kong on the Boeing 747 from 1989 until 2002. He then joined Nippon Cargo Airlines on the B747 and continued to fly with them until last year when he reached the mandatory retirement age for airline pilots of 65. He has a love of vintage aircraft and owns a Miles Messenger based at Breighton, where he now instructs on light aircraft. He has over 21,000 hours flying on more than 50 types of aircraft.

A nostalgic journey

Nick's Tiger Moth display will transport spectators back in time to the golden age of aviation. With its open cockpit, fabric-covered wings and elegant lines, the Tiger Moth is a living testament to the early days of flight. The plane, which was designed in the 1930s by Geoffrey de Havilland and built by the de Havilland Aircraft Company, was used by the RAF and other operators as a primary trainer aircraft during the Second World War. It remained in service with the RAF until the early 1950s, but is still in widespread use as a recreational plane.

The Tiger Moth that Nick will be flying was built for the RAF as N9372 – the markings it still bears today. It served with the RAF until 1953, when it was sold into civilian hands. Between 1955 and 1969 it operated in France, before returning to the UK with various owners until it was purchased by its current owner in September of last year. It is currently based at Breighton Aerodrome, near Selby.

Masterful piloting

Nick's skilful flying will demonstrate the grace and agility of the Tiger Moth. As he guides the aircraft above the crowds on Withernsea's promenade, you'll witness the harmony between pilot and machine, showcasing the true spirit of classic aviation.

Fun for the whole family

Nick's Tiger Moth display will be a perfect Blue Light Weekend event for family members of all ages. The vintage charm of the biplane in flight will captivate both children and adults alike, making it an experience everyone can enjoy.

Learn about aviation history

Nick's performance is not only entertaining but also educational. Discover the fascinating story behind the Tiger Moth and its role in aviation history, and gain a new appreciation for the pioneers who took to the skies in these remarkable machines.

This Tiger Moth is also available for flying experience flights and flying training at Breighton. For more information on experience flights, visit, while training information is via the York Flying School website at It may also be possible to book the aircraft display for an event like the Blue Light Weekend.

So, don't miss the chance to see Nick Lee and the stunning Tiger Moth in action over Withernsea on 13th August!

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